Hearts as cold as the Antarctic
Love as fake as plastic
Words stabbing as thorns
Hurtful words are sang as songs
Insults are thrown like stones
The heart breaks more than bones

Words cut deeper
Good-hearted ones are hurt more than the sinner
Loved ones hurt you more than enemies
Most betrayal comes from families
Betrayal at its highest
Jealousy is the deadliest

In front of you they smile
Behind your back they plot your downfall
They hurt you and look you straight in the eye
Then watch you break, watch you crawl
Then anxiety knocks on your door
Depression finishes you off and leaves you on the floor

Words like bees, they sting
In your heart the hurt clings
Words are the destroyer of happiness
Hurt brings you dullness
Words are surely the seed
Of hatred, destruction and misery
Words break one’s soul more than they feed
Words surely cause a slow-healing injury
Words can harm your sanity
I just hope you’re strong enough to heal
I hope you’re strong enough to forgive