What I can offer you
Is nothing materialistic,
I only have sweet words
To use to make you blush!

I have ears to use,
To listen to your fears and sorrows
In order to help you overcome them.

I have arms,
Arms to wrap around You,
When you are in need of comfort.

I have lips,
Lips to use as an excuse for being close
To your heart!
And hear your heart skipping beats!

I have a mouth,
A mouth to use to crack jokes,
And eyes to use
To witness you laughing at those jokes!

I have feet,
Feet to use,
To walk away from any temptation,
I will encounter,
I have hands to use to hold tight
To this connection of ours!

I have a heart,
A heart which is full of genuine Love,
Genuine love that I have for you,
Pure love which is growing daily
When you are around!

I have a voice,
A sweet voice to use,
To say I love you, blushingly.

I have words,
Words to send to you
To express this inexpressible
Feeling that I feel,
Feeling of endless love!