The illuminated eyes
Of the wolf represent the loneliness
Shinning in the dark, the soul full of
Strength and wisdom. Mother Nature’s
Very symbol of freedom.

The wolf walks alone and
Fights united with fellow wolves,
Often underestimated and
Never understood.

The wolf searches for its purpose
On the highest mountain and seeks
To understand itself while walking on the
Dusty vast lands of North America.

The moon spirit holding up the full
Moon for the wolf to haul its pain away.
With its beauty drawn from the natural aura
Of the surroundings.

The sun shining bright and taking the role
Of nature’s dreamcatcher holding dear the
Hopes and dreams of the wolf, like the string web
Of the dreamcatcher. The wolf is one with the
Creator, nature and itself.

The prey that catches the eye of the wolf
During the day and the prey that is devoured by
Night. When the stars align and become a constellation
To form a campus to guide the wolf on its journey.

At times humans are wolves. Human
Beings seek to understand the
Purpose they have on this earth. Like the
Wolf, humans are alone when they walk their

I am wolf, you are wolf,
We are all wolves seeking to understand
Our purposes and destinies alone.

“To understand your journey you need to walk the path set
For your destiny alone”- Brendon Tawanda Takarinda.