I wish I’d said goodbye to last an eternity
I wish I’d said I love you to last for forever
I wish I held on longer to your hand and tighter in your hug to last past your grave site
I wished I’d captured every moment of your life from your smile to your tears
I wish I’d recorded you every time you made a joke so you could still make me laugh long after you’re gone
I wish I was always by your side till the day you said your last words, took your last breath and walked your last step

I wish I’d said I love you so much that it was tattooed in your heart
I wish I was around you so much that I became your shadow
And so you could not go anywhere without me
I wish I recorded your laughter, your singing, your crying ,your happy moments, your sad moments and your crazy moments to remember you by

I wish we made memories to last an eternity
I wish I took a picture of your every move
I wish you never had to leave me
I wish you had a choice so you could choose to stay with me

I wish we never had to part ways
but distance makes the heart grow fonder
With the memories glued in me I will always love you
Till we meet again
Ulale ngoxolo Sthandwa Sami