I can wait for you for a long long time.
At night I can stay awake for a year or two
And all my life probably!
Let the leaves of the calendar fly around like
Foliage in the garden…only to know that it’s not in vain..
That you really needed it.

I want to start something with you but where?
Where to begin?
What to say?
What do you want to hear from a guy you hardly know well yet?

What is missing in your life now?
I would like to know you better.
Dream and swim with you.
To adore and love you.

If you recognise my inner world
You will not be able to tear yourself away from me.
I am very creative and always set goals and plans in motion.
But it’s lonely for me to live alone.
I want to find a beloved woman
Who will accompany me through life.
If you are looking for a sincere and loving man
No need to look further I am here and available for you.

But with the wind I will come to you.
I will burst in your life…
Tell you how dear you are to my life…
You are so refreshing to my soul.