Wisdom starts from how you grow up, who raised you?

Back ages ago, during my childhood, I was one of the kids
Who you would send to shop now and then and also again,
Without any complaint.

I was raised by my aunt on my mother’s side,
They didn’t raise me well but I am grateful to them
For making me suffer that much, today I’m smart
They even wished I was still with them.

I grew up not knowing my parents,
Let alone the fact that I have/had siblings.

I thought I was adopted, that my parents died long time ago, but no.

I remember how they whipped me for nothing,
Only because I was a kid and did not understand.
I remember how our neighbours used to scream my name,
“Njabulo! Yewena Njabulo!!”
Then I’d run while shivering thinking maybe I was up for beating,
No they just wanted to send me to the shop to buy them bread,
And the sun was hot, or it was really raining with thunder.
When I catch fever I was told I was weak.

Even today I still believe I am weak,
I don’t know if I will ever forget all the pains I’ve been through

But God is great
Here I am today writing my story! Here I am playing with words.

Today anyone who needs advice they come to me,
Only because I give best advice all the time. Sorrow taught me much!
Sorrow opened my mind
Sorrow kept me going, it made me create an author profile with FunDza
And just write whatever comes in my mind.

I am so much grateful, today I am working,
And I want to go back where I grew up and spoil them so much,
And say thank you for raising me, I am this man today because of you!

Because I am what I am today because of them, no grudges to uphold,
But happiness and smiles to be brought.

How I wish everyone could forgive whoever did them wrong,
Because they only made them strong!