My questions are getting heavier as the day
Passes by
Like I have Mount Kilimanjaro over my shoulders
My questions are piling
Forming a giant mountain with streams leading nowhere
With valleys leading to no sea
Or breeze or the sight of blue skies
And birds of colour
Will I ever know??
Tears open upon my back
Am I being fished out of the water?
Tears roll down my chick
My mind, far apart from my soul
From the poles of my head lies no connection
My thinking and thoughts reaching no perfection
Is this for somebody’s satisfaction?

Will I ever know though?
Am I walking towards a pond of tears
In the place of
An oasis of, eternal joy?
Is love missing me
Or am I missing love?
Will I ever know ?
When my head looks up and finds love
It’s always not genuine
Am I trying to hold on to something that is only worth dreaming of?
Will I ever know?
If you loved the man in me
Or the idea of being in love with me
You smiled when I shared my
Dreams of you and I… With you
Or my heart just told me a lie??
Is my soul following a direction heading

Am I leading without being followed
Am I talking to strangers
Am I… tell me
Am I?
Tell me
Am I writing on sea sand whose life
Is only a matter of time before
The heart-breaking wind blows it away
And wakes me up
Cutting my dream short,
Robbing me of my fantasy
Like a soldier
Who took a nap
In the battle field
Am scratching yet with no claws
Did I buy a book with nothing written on its
Thousand pages
My questions will never end
I guess I will never know