Will I ever forgive myself?
Will I ever trust myself again?
Will I ever believe in myself again?
Will I?

Will I ever get used to love again?
Will I ever be willing to give my all again?
Will I ever believe in love again?
I don’t think so.

The way life treats me,
I don’t think I will ever be free.
I doubt that love is real,
I doubt that I could ever find love again.
What have I done to this world?
Have I wronged someone to deserve this life?

I’m trying to be free but just when
everything starts to be okay,
here comes the tragedies of this awful life.
When I try to mend my heart,
here come the heartbreak professionals
and break it again.
When I try to be at peace with my soul
here comes the worst to destroy my inner peace.

I don’t know why I find enemies
in my life, instead of real people.
But every time I try to be alone
they come, as many as they are,
to destroy what I’m trying to rebuild inside me.

Life is so cruel to me.
Life is so unfair when it comes
to my happiness.
Everything is against me.
I don’t know why.