Good morning, good day, but it’s not good out there.
Everything is on halt, only flies can fly, out there
There’s no peace, only you, wild man, can dance and wrap all men.
A spring child fears you, but you’re so invisible, so possible
For you to transfer from men to all men and women.
Now people are same as prison birds, handcuffed,
Chain on feet, only secure from you, wild man.
You, shutdown the mouths, lockdown all our assets,

Time and again washing hands, only but perhaps,
Sanitiser it’s your prevention, but how to cure you?
Can’t men at least sneeze, cough and get headaches?
These are your symptoms.

Nevertheless no one is in your company, scientists
Has no control of you, or do you want to live like
Hi virus? For you don’t have any pill to chill you down,
You lockdown our lives, busy out there taking lives.