Innocent people you keep taking
Left, right and centre
You are taking the important ones
As for me, you leave me

You took her parents
While she was still young
She had to be a mother and a father to her siblings
And still go to school
You are so cruel

The greatest leaders
You snatched them
When we least expected it
You took our heres
Shame on you

But guess what
You left me
Why didn’t you take me instead of them
The world would be a better place without me

I am like a curse
No one looks forward to seeing me
Sadly, they have to face me
Day in and day out

My own family despises me
If they don’t love me
Who will? Who should?
Why not take me instead of these innocent souls you’re taking

Why must their families suffer?
Oh death
Take me
Everyone will rejoice
She is gone

My existence is like thunder
It destroys a lot
Oh dear death
Take me
Why not take me?

I promise you
No one will cry
They will rejoice
They will be free from me
Free from the curse

When they see me
They see poison
It kills
So they run away

Dear death
I humble myself before you
Take me

Leave the others
They have a purpose in life
They matter to other people
Stay away from them
They make others laugh

Just take me
I will be free
And so will everyone else