More havoc comes
Being in a sorrowful mood
Why has God taken my brilliant love?

Why would God let it happen?
The Earth has become yours, brilliant lover
You are in Wonderland
A land full of miracles
Leaving me crying

I am lonely
On the lambent sun
Drinks and food no longer taste sweet
Everything is sour
You have taken my soul
Nothing is good

Endless tears are on my cheeks
Like Victoria’s Falls
So hard to stop thinking about our most precious time
Remember our intimate moments and promises
Why have you run away?

If God was a human being
I would have negotiated With Him
I would pay Him millions of Dollars in favour of our love
Thus God is not equal
I only cry

No more will I see your bright face
Only the remaining pictures of your face
I wish you all the best in Wonderland
The Land Of Spirits