Why me? We ask
When we don’t know
what to do any more
When we cannot take more pain,
When we pretend everything is OK
but honestly nothing is,
And the more we tell ourselves
everything is going to be OK
then it feels like we have been
constantly lying to ourselves.

Why me?
Why is my life filled with tears?
Why do I feel worthless?
Why do I have to carry this load?
Was I born to suffer?
Why are my fears coming through
instead of my dreams?

Why is my life a nightmare?
I see the world as dark and cruel,
Where the sun no longer shines.
Do I deserve a life filled with losses?
Do I deserve this much pain?

Then life seems so right and true,
as it is filled with nothing
but joy and happiness,
with the rain gone,
you suddenly see the rainbow.
When you realise there is light
at the end of the tunnel,
And God has never forsaken you
but He has carried you through out.