Why Does Love Hurt?Because we fall in love with people
who were hurt by their ex.
They move too fast in a relationship,
and end up getting hurt.
People who trust too much,
end up getting betrayed.

We fall in love with people,
who suffered the powerful pain of loss,
people who want the good kind of relationship
they see on television.
Those relationships you see are full of romance,
true love, happy and bad memories
with bad endings and good endings.

They are made by a scriptwriter not by God.
It is up to us to learn from them.
Those relationships are created to teach us
some people fall in love just to get back on their ex,
some fall in love just to use us.

Finding love is hard
fall in love because you feel it
not because you want to satisfy your need
we have hearts too,
don’t take what happened before
and put it on your new relationship
as people are not all the same.