Women are crying every day
Women are men’s punching bags
Women’s blood is spilt every day
Women’s tears fall every day
Men are the reason for this

This abuse is a master
Its servants are men
Women are killed
and men do that as if they are skilled

We have to fight this rage
We have to open the next page
of peace and love

We as women have to stand up for ourselves
Because if we don’t, no one will
This will kill our nation, relation and population
This is not heading to a particular destination

You were supposed to be a generation changer
But instead you chose to be a violence builder
You were supposed to build our future
but instead you destroy it

Females don’t feel safe around
their fathers, husbands and brothers
Why do you want to be the reason for that?
Why don’t you open a new chapter of your life?
Why do you have to be the reason
for death of your daughter, sister and wife?