Stuck in a world full of decisions
Everyone else knows where to go
What to do and who to consult
But I’m in the middle of everything
For a moment I wish I could ask the man in the mirror
But he’s also lost

I wish I knew where I was going
Who to consult
And which strategies to combine
I saw a lot of smiley faces
Who was I going to ask
‘Cause ngibuze uZweli he said he’s gonna be a scientist
Kebotsisitse lerato are yena she’s doing accounting next year
I then asked Sesethu she said it’s okay to be overwhelmed

For what, for who, by who, why?
No one cared to answer till I tried running to the media
I was tossed and turned till I realised that
Impilo ubuzwa kwabadala
Ngoba kanene isxhosa sithi imbiza yaziwa ngumpheki
It’s okay to be confused
But listen to the voice of a wise man
For the fruits it produces are healthy and juicy
I stand here as a teenager who was lost but found
Ndingumqaba qaba igqabi le-vineger