You first charmingly said that I’m cute,
now you’re calling me names like prostitute.
You used to kiss me in my sleep,
now all you seem to do is make me weep.
Like Prince Charming you once saved me, damsel in distress
But now you’re filling my life up with a mess
You loved me and I, the same
but all of a sudden our love has turned into a game.
I’m always singing the sad love song,
you listen and pretend to sing along
while you’re mocking me.
You’re only happy that you’re happy,
don’t care about the tears I cry.
Is this our end?
Huh, answer me dear boyfriend!
If it is,
I’ll return your house keys.
I’ll go back home,
the streets I’ll roam.
Thinking about what we had
before it all ended and left me sad.
Away, I wish I could fly
because I still ask myself: