It pains me to sleep without you
It hurts me to only see you in the dreams
You left me to suffer
You made me lose hope

I’m trying to be strong
But I can’t because of the situation
I am in
I’ve got a lot of things to let you know
But I can’t because you’re not here to listen

I am tired of trying to escape
I am tired of always crying
I’m tired of always wishing you were here
I am tired of the life I’m living without you
I’m tired of being hurt

I’m just tired of everything
I feel like I’ve disappointed you
I feel like I was supposed to be strong
I feel like you expected me to always smile
But I can’t even laugh the way I used to

My laughter is dry
There’s no emotion in it
My emotions are dead
But let us just believe
One day I will become who you wished I was


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to people when you feel this desperate. LifeLine has a free number you can call to speak to someone who understands: try 0861 322 322 or 021 461 1111. The pain doesn’t have to last forever, you can get help.