Who will save me from me?
From my troubling thoughts
Which drive me to
The wilderness?
Moreover, attract fear
Into my life It is
Hard to escape my
Fear my thoughts
Summon tears.

I get
To see the bad
Side of goodness, I get
Lost in my own
world A man misled by
A ghost My thoughts
rake me out for a

Then reality leaves
Me clean moreover
I am proud with a
smile. I do
Not know what I want,
Whether with
People or lonely
My mind is full of wonders.

Life is never enough
Surely. The less I
Have, the less I
Bother. If a mirror could
Talk I would never
take a walk Talking to
Myself makes me
blissful but unwise to
people. I get to face
All my fears as not
Even a soul can resolve
My hidden affairs.
Can you save me?