You claim to be innocent
While people’s hopes are still pending
Without minding a lot, you are spending
Enjoying the treasure of the naked

Who is to blame
Hopeless they lie, day and night
Thinking everything will be right
That Someday they will have light
But the waiting is in vain

They sleep with naked stomachs
On their behalf, you talk too much
And have their money in your shining jackets
Giving hope that one day
They will even fly in jets

You always come with high hopes
And leave them after climbing above
For a better life, they are calling
Devouring their visions, you are trying

Don’t blame him, brother
You were also involved in a cashgate
Unforgettable cash grab
Leaving the innocent cash strapped.

People go without medicines
Cashed in their chips
While happily they say: “All is well”
Who is to blame.