She is precious,
A precious gift to earth,
A brave angel, heavenly sent,
With a precious, everlasting soul,
Sent to earth to inspire
And to conquer the odds,
Built for a decades of years,
Like the walls of Rome,
She defines power,

She over-shines her disability,
She is disabled,
But yet she is able,
When She steps on the ground,
The ground trembles with fear,
It can feel here comes an Elephant,
Here comes a strong woman,
A woman with dignity,
Power and vision of wisdom,

She is unshaken
By the negativity,
Because she knows
That negativity attracts positivity,
She is unstoppable like
Rampage volcanic blast,
If disability failed to stop her,
If disability failed
To wash away her beauty,
Then who is willing,
To take the risk,

Who is she, who is her,
She is an African woman,
Woman amongst women,
An African royal princess,
A woman who craves,
Nothing but success,
A woman with one goal,
Covered with the cloth,
Of respect and possibilities.
She is Precious