Who am I?
Am I the same person who cried herself to sleep last night,
the same person who woke up and smiled?
Yes, who is this, who am I?
I am this person sitting on the side of the road with no food to eat.
Is it still me sitting outside your house looking at time pass me by?
Is it still me in front of the community
just because they think I have made it
so I give them hope that it is possible?
Is it still me driving that mean machine,
thinking that it defines who I am?
Is that me walking in the street not sure where I am?
Is it me ‘hanging’, or should I say ‘spending time’ with my friends
in that bar, getting drunk, celebrating my achievements,
sitting there staring at the glass as if it has answers to my problems.
Is it still me hoping that the pain goes away?
Who is this?
Is it still me if I rather sleep and dream my life away
than watch it go or disappear?