What happened to me who have I become
What happened to that kid who was unassuming?
What have you done to him what have you done!
Where did you obscure him where!

Is he somewhere maybe yelling help, help!
Is there any chance he perceives that I miss him
Is there any chance he is looking for me too

Yes I see you, you do look like him but
I don’t know you I don’t know the interior part of you any more
Yes you do smile, talk and walk like him but you don’t behave like him

I wonder how you got his identity
Is there any chance you put an end to that kid
With what you have uttered you have seen you have contemplated and you have done

There is no way he would just fade without vestige
There’s something you have done to him what did you do what did you do!

I feel like he is trapped somewhere
His soul is trapped somewhere he’s trapped in someone’s body
I feel like he’s tortured emotionally I feel like he’s begging to be rescued
I feel like he’s weak where he is I feel like he leans to the wall
As he drags himself to walk out to whatever place he is