Poverty is busy cultivating in the
Lands of the Malawians, forcing
And raising taxes in their bank accounts

Its feet even stand on the podium
Presenting a speech that is nasty
To the people who are good at
Singing sombre songs in their huts

Surprisingly, it is gaining more popularity
On social media than local celebrities,
Spreading everywhere like diseases

It never asks anyone when it wants
To ruin one’s life for it can even kill
An innocent soul by not considering
The type of skin that is glued to the person

Though sons and daughters of a man
Are trying to marry education, its agents
Are still chasing after them every day
Though organisations are still acting
Like an antidote for the poor, poverty
Still stems in their hearts

Poverty is now the ruler of all poor
Souls for it is their system of government,
Poverty is the regime for the poor

Poverty is now a vehicle that is driving
Poor people from cities to villages for
It is a source of transport for the poor