Baby, slow down before you lose yourself.
Catch yourself real quick before you break yourself.
The clock is ticking
And time is winning.
Breathe, baby, breathe
The podium awaits you.
I got your hand.
I got you.
Do the most, lover.
Do the best you can.
Everybody’s watching
But focus on me
You gonn’ kill it. I know you can.
Focus for me, baby, focus.
Can’t you hear the mic calling you.
Hey. Hey. Look.
Pretend there’s no one here but me and you.
Let your art speak.
They need to see your point of view.
I know it’s scary.
I know you’re anxious but you practised this.
You know what to do
Take one deep breath
Look at your palms
That’s where the universe is at, baby girl.
It’s all for you.
Round of applause for breaking out of your shell
I’m proud.
The world was never ready for you.