While you were craving admiration,
Attention and being loved,
I was lost trying to find myself,
Now I have everything.

I started to search for you,
Phone rings, answer the call,
My heart is calling out for you,
My loneliness craves for your affection.

Your heart knocks in my thoughts,
Your beauty captivates my emotions,
Your humbleness touches my soul,
Your sadness wounds me deeply.

Will you accept me the way I am?
Can you amend this broken and poor man?
You can make me better or break me into pieces,
Give me a chance to take a journey to your mind,

Life without you is aimlessly,
Cracking jokes with you brightens my day,
Seeing you smile give me strength to take on the world,
You words encourage me when I am down and out,
Glimpse of your face tells me I can make it.