In the midst of a theological ride along the psychological and intellectual existence,
In a trance of uncertainty and obligations, standing knee deep, drowning in a pool of darkness,
Saved by a force continuously, dynamism unrecognised, a might I call my saviour,
a power unknown, yet claimed to be known by many.

I walked a land enriched with quick sand and descended that my thighs were swallowed by the earth.
I closed my eyes internally, rushing my voice to the heavens and the midnights echoed back my cry.
Saved once more, I shouted oh Lord it’s you that I adore, if he heard, I wasn’t sure.

Standing at the mountain top, I rejoice my victory, but a storm stood up to look me in the face,
I ran for comfort and felt the chase; it was a maze.
The storm recruited thunder and hell was on my head, lucky I did not end up dead.