My father –
The keyholder of my life;
The puzzle piece that keeps me attached;
My stronghold and my one and only role model
to whom I look up and cherish.
Where would I find a father like you?

Yes, Thahla, it saddens me to recall the past,
the things we used to do.
I know you might not want me to inflict more pain
on those wounds that are, to you, closing up.
But, the fact that you are gone, inflicts more pain than I can bare
A pain that tears my heart to threads.

I stand before my Lord today
pleading him to rewind the sands of time
so for you to come back
For your feet to once more touch the soil of this world
How I wish to hear your voice
and the sounds of the rhythm you made while you played.
You played until your heart stopped.
Until we, who used to hear you, could hear you no more.

Many thoughts are racing through my mind
Tears start to roll down my face.
I am angry that you can’t come back.
Maybe I should just follow you –
just die in silence.
Without you I am nothing.

They have taken my mother.
They have taken my brother.
They have taken my grandmother.
But no – not you too.
Not you, who made it possible for me to be here today
Not you, to whom I gave my trust.

Just tell me:
Where would I find a father like you?