Yeh he loves me, he loves me
He told me that.
Baby where is love when he leaves you?
Where is love when he cheats?

Love can blindfold you.
Where is the love if he sleeps with other girls?
When he doesn’t even call to check up on you?
When all he wants to do is destroy you?

Where is love?
Where is it when you get all those beatings?
When you can’t seem to understand one another?
Where is it when he isn’t there to comfort you?

Does it come and go?
Does it even exist?
When all he talks about is other girls.
When you’re not even on the list

When all he does is criticise you.
And only compliments you when he wants something?
When he doesn’t even respect you?
Where is that love?

When he isn’t even ashamed of walking hand in hand with another girl.
When somebody else but him answers his phone.
When he denies ever loving you.
When he doesn’t even protect you.

Where is the love in fake promises?
Where is it when you have to hide your whereabouts?
When you have to hide your relationship.
When it’s called love or relationship when he wants it to be called one.

Where is it?
Lost within thin air.
Just made the soil so moist.
Just made the clouds change.

Has it just vanished?
Has it gone to change the atmosphere?
Where has it all gone?
Is it love?

He calls you only when he wants you
Wena/you 24/7
You even send romantic messages to him
Kodwa he doesn’t even respond

You’re giving it your all.
Are you the only one in the relationship?
He was the one who told you he loved
But emveni koko yena akayingeni.

Where is the love when he spends time with other girls?
When he doesn’t even call or come to see you.
When it’s you who puts in all the effort.
Where is love and is it love?