I call myself an abandoned child.
I call my brother a rejected child.
I call my sister a neglected child.
I am the stranger to my own father’s family.
Now I am that guy over the street.
Where do I belong?

On my mother’s family also couldn’t find my space.
Couldn’t see where she fits on her family.
Can’t tell my own brother worse than all of us.
Artificial epilepsy and vulnerable made him not seen.
Where do we belong.

Sometimes I regret why I follow my mother’s side.
Also regret why I have to call myself with my father’s surname,
Who seems not to show any interest to us.
Where do I belong.

Real life is starting with me.
My family shall start with me.
I am designing the new roots of my mother and father surname.
This is where the new generation of Mashobane and
Skosana family belong.