Men are not merely men
Because of their gender and physical features.
Men are not merely so
Because of rites of passage.

Where are men
Who will be true in every sense of the word?
Where are men
Who are true in every sense of the word?

Men, made in His image,
Reflecting their Maker
Men who know manhood
Is not synonymous with force and violence.
Men who know kindness and gentleness
Do not make them any less manly
Men who will not go against their own consciences
Nor buy face.

Where are men?
Men who cannot be lured with passion and money
Where are men?
Who do not use fists and criticism to feel respected
Men who know their worth is in their Maker
Men who are not shaped nor influenced by circumstances

Where are men?
Have they become extinct?
They can never be, while God exists!
After all, they live and breathe through God.