When You raped me,
You took my happiness
And instilled nothing but fear to me
You took away my smile and gave me sadness
My laughter turned into tears
You made me believe I was nothing and a no one
You made me believe no one was by my side
That I was a loner
You gave me depression
I easily accepted for I thought I really was
A good for nothing soul
You took away all I had

Truth is, as much as you hurt me,
Tore me apart and ripped my being to shreds
I felt no pain, not that I resisted it
But because I possessed it no longer
You had pained me so much when you raped me
That I gave up crying and trying to run for help
When you raped me, you changed me into an empty animal
A fool I would say
I was empty, so empty
I resent you damnit for all you did to me.
I now possess anger that you penetrated into me
For God knows what reasons
Some say it’s greed and yet I still don’t understand it

There are days and nights that I still cry
And can’t even sleep or eat
For I still feel your presence
I can hear you breathing
There are nights I feel like committing suicide
But I never can go through with it

When you raped me
You left nothing but hatred and anger
I’m filled with all the wrong feelings because of you
I hate you

When you raped me,
You gave me the worst feeling; FEAR
A feeling I despise more than I hate you.

I am to bury all those feelings and move on with life
For they are only destroying me
As I bury them all, as well as the animal me
The empty me, a NEW me is formed

When you raped me
You opened my eyes