When you pick up the phone to answer my call,
nothing else in the world exists
but you, me and the very world that’s our oyster.
You and me – two-somely shut away in a little world of our own.
While my brains reel momentarily down memory lane,
I feel a profound emotional proximity of your lips to mine,
Amid images of an intimate ornament
Beckoning on the horizon,
Doomed by disbelief in my nobility of having your attention
And madly wishing I could just land in your bedroom tonight.

When you pick up that receiver
I imagine you sitting in the lounge,
I know instinctively the recipient is my brilliant beauty,
A vivid image of that diminutive girl in uniform glitters brightly
And I see crystal clarity of the things I like about you.
Your supple body and the spouting sparkle in your smile,
The come-hither twinkle of your lovely eyes,
Your irresistible lips, your facially radiant innocence
And the rosy splendour of your beauty

When that dulcet voice says ‘hello’ at the other end,
I hear a melody so sweet it pierces and tinkles.
The echo of the words your mouth utters
Makes my knees buckle
And when you tell me that you are fit and well
I jib at the shadows about the remotest possibility of our reunion
When I hear you call me by name, you rouse up my heart of hearts
When you wrap up the talk to finalise the call,
You knock my soul stone dead, my cute little Goddess.
When we are past saying our good-byes,
I slowly replace the handset on its cradle.
Nostalgia sets in and it finally hits home – the call is over.