That’s the question she always asks me
I ignored her as if she was nothing to me,
Her love started to fade away little by little
But…when I look at her I see nothing,
When I look at her, she’s the type of girl
That every guy would want to be with,
I might be lying to myself if I could say
“I don’t love her that much”

Love is something strong but
At times it makes us weak,
We’ve been through together,
She never left me in tears but
I did,
She always tells me that one day
“it would be in tears,”
I never believed her, all that I thought was,
“she will always be mine”

I never thought that death could do us apart,
I did what all the other guys did to her,
She thought I was a different guy,
But we all seem to be the same to her,
All that I am is being weak of love,
All that I am is not seeing what is right
Beside me,
I always hurt her emotions for what?
What do I really see in her?
Why do I really love her this much?
Why does she see me as a liar?
I tried to show her how much she…
Means to me,
But her friends were always there…
To shut me down.
What does she see in me?
Why does she want to be with me?
If love wasn’t true she should be away…
For me.
I love her.
I love Zandile Sibeko.