The sorrow of the heart
Displayed on the paleness of the face,
Like vampires in a blood race,
People we encounter all turn into victims.

The sides of our noses are like streams,
Tears travel there often.
Sometimes they are wiped before the turn,
But mostly freed to flow till the very mouth
Tastes the bitterness within.

Pain and anguish are boldened themes.
Our faces are showing horrors as the only films.
Souls boiling hot
And our actions are the steams
Eyes red coal,
Mouths relinquishing flames
Held hostage by the fire that burns within.

We are human,
We are hurting
And we hurt one another.
We are like the soil
That walks over other soil,
We are inarguably self-afflicted.
Yes, victims of self
Because we are all one,
And look at the magnitude
Of the hurt we’ve done