YOU…is all I think about
US…is all I ever imagined.
I saw you for the first time
And you stole my heart.
The clocks stopped and my eyes popped out.

You were like an angel
And my eyes stayed stuck on you.
You made me believe in love again
You made me let my guard down and trust you.
I felt safe, I felt loved around you.

It was all pretence, it was all staged
You were too good to be true and everything you came with.
I loved you with my brain
I should’ve listened to my gut
My intuition has never led me astray.

I thought you were different
I was wrong
I thought you’d never hurt me
I was wrong.

Though I was certain,
Doubts were lingering in my mind
They came crawling in like a serpent, like a thief at night
My intuition was right.

It was dark and I was blind
What’s the use of searching when you can’t find…
True happiness that shines so bright
You made me feel so alive.

I was wrong
Wrong about you, wrong for you.
My gut tells me it was not yet time
And you proved my right.
When I was…wrong