I thought you were the best
Thought you were better than the rest
I put you to the test
You turned out to be the worst

I put you first
You weren’t a guest
I felt like a pest
Was I supposed to build my own nest

We were supposed to be together
We would have gone further
Fly like birds of a feather
I loved you more than my father

Everything I did was rather…
Rather dull, why not gather
We were supposed to be stronger than leather
You were my brother

I can’t do this anymore
Every breath is war
I found out that was four
But what for?

I wish I knew before
I was just a bore
And you needed more
All I got was a roar

Why does it always have to be me
I always try to let it be
But it is not in me
I need to be set free

One of y’all caught me
Then let me …
Let me believe I was to be
Why didn’t you give it to me

I wanna grow
Don’t want it to show
I wish didn’t know
Let’s take it slow

All I feel is snow
I wish I could glow
All you did was blow
It hurts to let go

Hurts even more to hold on
Come on.
We both don’t know why was I born
Or are we on?

Everything I worked for, gone
As I stare at the moon before dawn
Everything turned fawn
Others had someone to rely on even the lawn

I wanted you to wipe my tears away
But now I want you far away
Why not run away
You always had it your way

I heard that you were so gay
Sitting there at the bay
all you did was lay
With your bae

You made my world blue
I’m glad we through
We were stuck like glue
You were my boo

If I could turn back time
I would go back to the day we met
And turn the other way
Never ever lay my eyes on you.