When I am gone, gone to that part of the world, where no one ever returns
The world where no one speaks anymore, only silence
Everyone is lying so peacefully and the environment is conducive for them
I shall be remembered as an intelligent woman
Those left behind shall remember my work and be the witness to my creator
When I have to answer to Him and only Him everything I was doing on earth
When I am gone remember me as a mother
To those, I have hurt, remember all the good things about me and forget the bad

When I am gone
I shall be remembered as somebody who at all times think in an optimistic more than pessimistic way
I shall be remembered as a way forward more than reluctant
Remember me as a brave girl who is not easily shaken
Remember me as a person who speaks her mind and does not mind what you think of me
When I am gone remember me as a person who is responsible for what I have said and not what you think
When I am gone bear in mind that I never gave up until it’s done
I shall be remembered for the dream I have for my country and most importantly I shall be remembered about my humanity and as a human being that fears God
When I am gone, I shall be known that I was here