When a child is born
seems to be the part
remembered most
of that Neneh Cherry
and Youssou N’Dour
trilingual song

7 Seconds is the choice
of a third generation
South African interviewed
on Sunday morn radio
one Dion Chang is he
a Trend Analyst

I try and make you
think differently he says
he who has been cursed
spat at/on
given his looks

BC and AC he says
Before Corona
After Corona
(if you wondered)

He talks Scenario Planning
Re-think everything
he has guests who speak of

Challenges and Opportunities
Privacy versus Freedom
Personal versus Community
(imbalances still)

Everything is changing
someone says almost
a cliché nowadays

A wake-up call
Re-invent Survive
(keep your distance)

In a time of crisis
In a time of fear

SAFM’s “Story-tellers, writers and griots” feature delays my movements, what with the presenter Michelle Constant cackling away at some listeners’ SMSes declaring “alcohol is my human right/cigarettes is my human right”… people putting their personal rights over that of the whole community!! Lockdown Day 10.