Your life gives me heart when the rest of me is down
You enchant me as soon as I have data
You make me believe that it’s you and you alone
Who can make my word stick

I always hear people talking about being slaves
And how hard it is but tell you what
I am your slave and enjoying to be,

You make me go around the world with a click of a button
Make me share every smile and feel every joy
With just a click of a button

Tell me. Who made you?
Who made such an amazing creature,
A monster who’s got me writing in abbreviation
Even in school work,

Who created such an adorable and helpful creature or messenger
Who makes me connect with my loved ones
Wherever and whenever I need to

WhatsApp. What’s up with you?
Why do I love you so much?
Tell you what, if you were a prison
I’d be your prisoner