Love, I know we met on a media platform
but you made my heart transform
from the darkness of loneliness to the brightness of snow
Your love lifted me up when I was feeling so low

Within seconds you just changed my life
Healed the wounds bigger than those by a knife

You gave me natural air when I was breathing with pipes
I had a blade in my heart, not the movie by Wesley Snipes
You’ve taken that out in less than a minute
You gave me joy with the speed of a bullet
I’d be lying if I can explain how
But your love did that, now I take a bow

Now angel I want to know one thing
Have I bothered you or made you sting?
You are ignoring me like a fly
When I text you, I get no reply

Let me know so I can fix it
I want our relationship to be rigid
I want you to know you are my first and last digit
I don’t want to see you exit

I love you