Like a life-supporting machine, our lives
are eternally saved by the light you sprinkle on us
As the earth revolves around the sun,
Our education rotates around you for jobs.

As you walk with us in deserts, we wear happiness
on our faces; smile resting on the picks of our
chicks, for you are the water that washes away
motionless grief from our deceived minds.

Like two birds twittering in a nest, we resonate
with you till death sets us apart.
Like the moon pleading to the sun to shine at night, our life seeks
for your presence to brighten our hearts in the dark.

But now, these are just memories of our ancestors
like a Tsunami, our joy has now flooded on the
valleys of our nose, sinking all our cheerfulness,
causing our eyes to strike a lightening of tears.

Our lives now crawl behind your shadow like a
plough tide to an oxen.
Tears of a sombre tone have now turned into our daily meal,\ like mist that
plays in the morning as the sun wakes from its bed.

Please tell us what wrong have we done to you?
What wrong have we done to deserve such punishment?
What knowledge are we lacking for you to forgive us?
What forbidden fruits have we eaten to commit such sin?
But why us?
What wrong have we done to merit this?

You are now friends with the shadow
What wrong have we done for you to be cheating on
us with that definition of charcoal?
What wrong have we done for you to break up with us?
What pole has she faced for you to get attracted to her
like similar poles of a magnet?
Is it because we are facing the unlike poles of your love, or too blind to see your love?

What wrong have we done to deserve such painful treatment?
What love does she have that we don’t store in our hearts?
What charms has she placed on you to forget about us?
What food has she fed on your starving mouth to forget
about our taste of love that is sweet like honey?
What beautiful places has he taken you to that we
haven’t laid our eggs?

What shimmering clothes has he dressed for your eyes
not to see us?
What jokes has he whispered in your ears to forget about us?
What body mist has he aromatised his body for your nose
to pay attention?
What song has he sung to entertain your desperate ears?