She was not a bitch.
She had never dated before.
She had never committed adultery.
She was never a prostitute.
She had never even flirted before.
She never wore sexy clothes.
She never seduces anyone.
She never kisses any men.
No men saw her thighs.
No men touched her breasts.
Not anybody who can describe the colour of her legs.
She gave all men a dry season.
Her breasts were untouched.
She was never aroused by any men.
She called herself a lady of her own statement.
All men were dying to see her cleavage.
Dying to break the untouched seal.
She never came to have her own man.
The man of her dreams.
A man she will be permitted by her to break a seal.
She was most wanted by young and the old.
She was the yellow fresh charismatic tomato.
Fat and colourful wet strawberry.
Turning point was that she ended up being broken by a psycho.
Impregnated her as he raped her.
A stranger of untraceable foot prints.
Her ego was soaked inside a drain.
Her character was stained badly.
She was left alone.
But she was still wanted by the many.