Open my eyes
Greetings to the sun, it’s yet another morning.
It’s been two weeks and I’m still mourning our love.
My love, you left me scorning.
My head is still pounding, it aches.
I’m hungover from last night’s wail.
I could not stand my tears dripping on my pillowcase
so I drank the pain instead.

It was a cold night, I left the window open thinking that
maybe the goodnight kisses you always blew me would
swoop in and pay my lips a visit, as if you never left.
I wonder if you still pray for me, maybe you skip that part now.

I was numb, counting stars that amount to the days until
I heal and I’m able to feel again.
I filled the craters of the moon with our memories, the
sweet and the bitter, so that the sky can hold our love
story. The clouds will shape pages of each and every
chapter, each and every day until the sun sets.

Later happiness will come out of hibernation,
she will remind me of the sunflowers that grew
inside me every time I smiled because
I stopped smiling since we parted.
She will hold me and outshine the sadness
she will drive it away and she will stay, not
for a while but for a long time coming.
Then I’ll be sober and ready to start over.