It is the maize I eat; that makes me amazing;
The scorching golden sun; that coats this body
of mine with such;
Dark and lovely skin. For I am an African son

From the drink of umqombothi (‘African beer’)
That quenches my thirst; to my village that’s
At a belly of a valley is what defines me,
and makes me who I am.

Oh yes I am an African!
The Table Mountain is my crown;
The uShaka marine world my palace;
and my father’s kraal that’s a
sight to see full of wealth
For it makes me home sick each time I’m away

I’m black full of pride.
I’m black and proudly South African
Oh yes, yes I’m dark and lovely.
For my mother tongue has clicks and clacks in it
Forming a rhythm each time I utter words
Music to some people’s ears