Love is like school.
You first learn to love
yourself so you may
love others. Love God
and grow in his love,
you will make mistakes
but learn to grow through
your wrongs.

Make those changes,
always know love, be
honest and be open
through love. Don’t lie,
always be honest. Love
says ‘love me for who
I am’, don’t change love
for war. Make love peaceful
and more adventurous.
Be free to love, don’t be afraid.

Loving someone is peaceful
and not fearful. Love for
peace and don’t love for
revenge. Love and stay happy.
Poetry of love, love me don’t be afraid.
Love will always be free. True
love has a meaning. Show thy affection
Love is true. Love is trust
Love conquers all.
Show me off

Love me to love you in return
No lies. Stay true. I won’t abandon you
I’ll keep you warm I treasure you
for all the days of my love for you
that’s a compromise a pledge I live to do.

Love is a sacrifice to be pure and true always .