What is the point
Folly trickiness of all
shapes sizes and shades
(some shadier than others)

Have they reached
the point of no return
Have points been made
or is it all just pointless?

(will next year’s SONA
carry on regardless
when we do it again)

What is the point
of this disorderly order
strategy for some tactics
for others wishing
to score election-points

(does it only happen
on this point of Africa darkest
are we following a trend
set by honourables elsewhere
from Sweden to Myanmar
to the LOL of Trump-ville)

Need those outside
point a reproving finger
or is their view(point)
quite beside

(is the point
that those on the inside
are the privileged untouchables
do we do the us and them)

Need those outside
recognize those within
for whatever they are doing
if anything (in anyone’s interest)

Is this the pointe
en pointe
of things to come

“Point of Order trending as Twitter finds humour in Sona” (Argus, February 12 2016).