Been asking myself this question several times
But still there’s no answer
All I get is criticism from the critics
Saying I am nothing but a chancer
Others say my body is a body of a bouncer
And others say I am supposed to be a dancer

What is my purpose in life?
“There is nothing you are good at”
“You are nobody but a spoiled brat”
These are the comments I usually get
Maybe they want me to be a gangster and carry a baseball bat
But no, I don’t wanna be any threat

What is my purpose in life?
Sometimes I wonder am I here on this earth just to observe?
If yes, then I shouldn’t be a football reserve
Being a striker is the possession I deserve
Or maybe I was made to serve

What is my purpose in life?
Well, I now think that I have an answer to that rhetorical question
without any hesitation
my purpose is to get and give an education
with the right information
not forgetting the inspiration and the motivation
by saying that…I am building my reputation