Love is more than a word
Love is what I feel for you
Love is what I breathe
Love is what I say
Love is when I think of you
Love is when I appreciate you

Love is something that’s rare to find
When you find love, hold on to it
Nowadays you never know the difference
between temptations and love
’cause they are sometimes painted
the same colour
What is the colour of love?
Is it red or blue, green or black?
Who said red is the colour of love
Is blood the colour of love?
If so, do you know how much has
been lost?

Love is what I feel for my loved ones.
Love is what fills me when
I hear the sound of your voice.
Love is what pushes me
to love more than yesterday.
Love is what pushes me to fulfil
my emotions and feelings

Love is when we love each other
with no intention of hurting each other.
Love is a natural feeling that only grows
in the real ones.
Love is the pureness of your heart,
If you are cruel it will expose you.
Love is the power of romance.
Love is the reflection of yourself.

Love is happiness and joy.
Love is when you don’t hurt others.
Love is what makes you become a better person.
Love is the mark of the heart.
Love is you and me.
Love is us together united.
Love is a place where there’s no hatred
Love is what we share together.
Love is caring and loving.