What is love?!
Am I the only one
who is curious about knowing
what is love?
I guess not.
Some says love is patience, love is kind,
it is not jealousy, it is not pride.

Others says love keep no records
of wrong doing, love rejoices in truth
and honesty, love endures everything.

I say Love is not a righteous anger or
Judgment, without love we are nothing

Because when everything else disappears
Love, faith and hope remains.
Love is a string of emotions you know,
Love is a feeling so good: True Tender Love

Love is a feeling so tender and pure,
Love is an instant connection, an allure.
True love holds nothing,
But gives so much.
The feeling of love is wonderful as such,
Love is life,
Without it, it’s tough to strive!
Lastly I SAY love is pure.