What is life?
What happens to our souls when we die?
Do we even die or we just leave this planet
to go to another unknown planet spiritually?
When a baby is born we become happy,
that means life starts with happiness.
When they die, we cry
that means life ends with the secretion of salt
through the lacrimal glands.
Apparently we do have ancestors
but the question is, where are they?
Where do they stay?
What’s going on, we live
but we don’t know the truth.
What if immediately after dying
it’s already the judgement day?
We are like plants growing without roots.
Perhaps that’s why life is so hard
and things so tough.
I don’t go to church,
not because I’m a devil, no!
But because I don’t know
what to believe and what not to.

Again, what is life?